Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tournament Pretzels & Hair Ties!

To keep with tradition at our basketball tournament, I covered pretzel rods with white, light and dark chocolate and decorated them with blue sprinkles in our school color- blue! I also printed the tournament logo out in cardstock and cut tags for each pretzel package.

And for a fun display, I used my Cricut and some outdoor vinyl to decorate dollar store buckets. One bucket was for the team with their coaches (+lollipops for a gluten-free teammate). The other bucket was sold at the concession stand. The pretzels were a big hit and were almost sold out the the first night of the tournament!

While I was working on the pretzels, my daughter assembled hair ties with ribbons for her and her teammates! They looked fabulous on the girls!

Making things for the tournament was fun, but having our team take the 1st place trophy was the best part of it all- GO EAGLES!!

Basketball Tournament Decorations

This weekend was my daughter's basketball tournament at her school! The parents provide the decorations, so my Cricut and I helped out by making a banner, basketballs, and locker decorations!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet 16!

Whoa! Another post!! Posting mobile is so much easier than from my PC. Right now I'm typing this at McDs while my 2-year old cousins play. Don't worry, my teen daughters are chasing after them-LOL!

Last night was my niece's Sweet 16 birthday party so I made a special card for her. I used the Talking Tags app & labels again to create a special message for her. I found the oldie "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" song on YouTube and used it along with my spoken greeting.

Can you tell I like this new found technology?? So fun!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

40 ROCKS!!

Is anyone out there? I know- I've been gone for months! I have been crafting still though, and also got a smart phone finally! So this is my 1st mobile post. Maybe just maybe I can post more often now this way given that I take pics right on my phone of my projects.

So my BFF turned 40 last Saturday so I made her a card, a card that rocks! I used the new technology, Talking Tags! You use that app on your Smart phone to scan the bar code (labels sold online), record a message, then affix the bar code to your crafty project. When the recipient receives it, he or she downloads the Talking Tags app, scans the bar code, and gets to hear your message! So cool! And since my BFF lives many states away, this was a good alternative to being there in person. I also played the Beatles' "You Say It's Your Birthday" from YouTube so that the song could be a part of the 1-minute message. FUN!

Well that's all for this post. This was pretty easy on my phone so hopefully I'll be back with more posts soon! Happy 2013!