Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Sn@p Album using Frankie and Friends!

Happy Halloween, fellow crafters!

I know I haven't posted in a long while, but I have too many photos of this fun Halloween project not to share here on my neglected blog!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a blog post on the Simple Stories blog by Rebecca Keppel. She created an adorable 6x8 Halloween scrapbook using the Simple Stories Frankie and Friends collection that she plans on adding to every year. I loved that idea! But instead of doing present/future, I documented the past 4 Halloween seasons. What fun it was to revisit those events! And everything shown is from Simple Stories, my favorite scrapbooking company!

Here is the cover:

This project has really opened my eyes to Chipboard stickers! 
Love the dimension! And speaking of dimension, I love the 
enamel dots, too! I added a trio to the 4x6 word card.

I separated the book into 4 sections with those great Simple Stories Sn@p kraft dividers: 1) Outings, 2) Parties, 3) Pumpkin Carving, and 4) Oct 31. 

Here is the 1st divider, Outings, followed by the pages in that section:

 The white letters above were cut on my Cameo. Love that machine!

And here's the 2nd divider, Parties, followed by pages from that section:

 This is my first Sn@p album using the Insta pocket pages. 
I found that the 2x2s are great for capturing details, like from 
these parties! Above shows the invitation, the "finger" cookies 
baking in the oven, and the cupcake holders I made with the 
Cricut machine I had back then (Now I'm strictly a Silhouette girl!). 

 More party details: the favor given to each guest,
the banner I made, and the candles with "dripping blood!"

 Above left was a shrunken down version of the letter 
we gave to our neighbors letting them know the kids might 
be stopping at their house asking for scavenger hunt items. 

This is why I should scrapbook or at least journal about events. 
This party was in 2010 and no one remembers 
who won each costume category - oops!

Here's a close up of 2011's party invitation. 
I just printed a photo of it small enough to fit in a 3x4 pocket. 
I am all about the witch for Halloween! 

 More enamel dots in action! 
I like using them for bullet points in lists.

I got some ink smudges on the scavenger hunt, so I used the stars 
to cover them up. Crafters don't make mistakes- they embellish - lol!

Another detail in a 2x2 - the apple bobbing bucket!

I actually texted the girl this week who won most original to 
confirm that was the category she won. Not all winners made 
sense to me, but that's what you get when you let the peers vote!

And here's the 3rd divider, Pumpkin Carving, followed by pages from that section:

On the left shows details from my Halloween decorating 
around my house in addition to the newly carved pumpkins. 
The moon pic, I thought, was a fun addition, too.

And here's the 4th divider, Oct 31, followed by pages from that section:

This last photo is of the spine. Not sure it will stay that way. I'm waiting to find out if I can add this year's Halloween season still to this album. Once I know all the years it will contain, I will probably add the dates to the spine as well. The word 'Halloween' is from one of the Simple Stories patterned paper sheets,
Happy Haunting. 

Oh, and, that's my adorable pup, Bella in the background. She makes a great companion while scrapbooking. That and my iPad. I love to watch TV shows or movies while I craft. On the last night of making this album, last night, I watched the classic Halloween movie, "Hocus Pocus" - my absolute fave!

I think one of the keys to my success in getting this album done and so quickly was striking while the iron was hot, so to speak. I saw the idea two weeks ago, ordered supplies right away, and then dedicated all of the evenings this week to making it. I sacrificed some sleep along the way, but better to be sleepy yet content from completing a project than well rested and feeling under-accomplished-lol!

Well, there you have it. I'm hoping Simple Stories comes out with another Halloween line next year. Don' get me wrong - I love Frankie and Friends! This line was so much fun to work with! But I'm thinking I want to go even further back and make one or two more albums covering the decade before what this album covers.
Here's to hoping! 

Thanks for hanging in so long! Happy crafting and memory keeping!