Saturday, May 3, 2014

Project Life Baby Album Gift

I love scrapbooking and now I subscribe to the more simpler pocket scrapbooking style. It's so much easier and makes me want to convert all of my non-scrapbooking friends that say they don't have time or aren't creative!

This is true of one of my family friends who just had a baby. While she was pregnant, I asked her if she scrapbooked and she said she didn't. So, I patiently waited until the baby was born and created a first year scrapbook as a gift that would be totally doable for this non-scrapbooking new mom!

I first jumped into the pocket style of scrapbooking last year with Simple Stories products. I've made several of the 6x8 albums and have collected extra albums when I've caught them on sale. This pink album was one of them. 


I added the baby's name and some circles to the front of the album using cardstock and my Silhouette Cameo. The font is Oh Photo Shoot. This same font I used throughout the album. The baby's nursery theme is Dr Seuss ABCs so I thought this combination played a little into that theme.

I also purchased the Project Life Baby for Her core kit. I still have some scrapbooking to do for my daughters from when they were toddlers (ugh), so I figured a whole kit wouldn't go to waste. 

Since I had a crazy month in April filled with many birthday celebrations and Easter celebrations, it took me a while to get to this project. This ended up being a good thing because I could add some of the photos that the new parents shared on social media, which would show how they can utilize the pages. If they don't like how I did it, though, no worries! Just remove them from the pockets! Such a great thing about this format, too.

Ok, enough babble and onto the pages:




I included an archival safe pen  for journaling and the handmade card above. 

The new mom has received the album and said she couldn't wait to fill it. Doable!!

Happy crafting all! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Batman and Superman Birthday Party!

It was that time again! Aiden and Eliot turned 4 and it was time to party superhero style! Aiden loves Batman! Eliot does, too, but he also likes Superman so those were the superheroes that we focused on. I created a Superhero party Pinterest board and got ideas from that.

The superhero 4 year old portraits:

I got this idea with printables here:

I also brought the backdrop to the party. This way the party guests could get in on the superhero pictures, too!

The banners:

The treats:

Superman Oreo balls! 

Batman cookie dough balls!  

Chocolate covered pretzels! 

And Tootsie Roll Pops dressed as Superheroes!

The kids enjoyed the lollipops!

And so did the bigger kids-lol! This was my cousin's "mini me" villain-lol!

I did NOT make this amazing cake (Michelle at Edible Creations did!!)  
but I decorated the solid foil party hats, and this photo showed them well.

Here are the adorable birthday boy superheroes with the hats on!

Here are the games:

The first game was Superhero buckets! It's just like bozo buckets, but with superheroes taped onto the dollar store buckets. We also used dollar store ping-pong like balls for the game.

The next game was the Villain game. All of the kid guests were superheroes trying to get the present-stealing Villian! Their weapon? Silly string!!! Warning: You need a pretty cool family member or friend to be willing to be the villain like we had!

So that's about it. This was a fun birthday party theme to make things for. Happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Project Life 3x4 Organization Using CTMH Organizer

I know- you didn't even know this blog still existed. I almost forgot, too-lol!

I had a request to post this so it could be pinned. So, here's my very first Project Life (PL) post! I won't even promise that there will be more, but this one is about my 3x4 Close To My Heart (CTMH) medium organizer full of 3x4 Project Life cards and how I organized them.

A fellow Project Lifer posted her fully organized CTMH organizer a couple of weeks back on Facebook, which immediately prompted me to order an organizer of my own! She had hers organized by color, and had colored file folder tabs on spare PL cards as dividers. I loved that so much that I went out and bought tabs, too, but . . . 

Then I saw a video by Taniesa Vlasak of The Crafty Pickle ( and she said she used her Silhouette to make dividers. I almost guilted myself into designing print-and-cut dividers in the Silhouette software - justifies having the machine, right? :)

Now I knew I wanted to organize by color, but I also wanted to keep the PL kits together somehow. This is what I thought would work for me: taller main dividers for the colors/seasons/holidays, and then shorter sub dividers with the kits' names. This resulted in me needing to make a LOT of dividers on my Cameo. This was labor intensive, but I feel is going to be worth it in the long run for me.

The Main divider categories:

Multi (as in multi-colored - no particular color stands out)

All of the sub dividers are names of my core kits (all partials), mini kits and even theme packs. I have a divider for them all. So if I'm doing a girly page where red works, I can go to the red main divider and then look for the 'Girl' theme pack sub divider. Colors of my photos usually dictate my color choice, so color being assessed first works best for me. The only time that may be an exception is for a season or a holiday.

I used Boulder font for the main dividers, and then Ali Edwards' free font for the sub dividers and the Journal  & Filler cards ( stuck in the front of each section. I've also seen a "Words" section in addition to Journal and Filler, but I chose to put words cards in as fillers.

All of my 4x6 title and bifold cards are in Dollar Tree plastic little bins on the bottom shelf of my new IKEA Raskog cart.  Those have divider tabs with just the kit names. I don’t use 4x6s as much, and figure that my 3x4s will dictate what 4x6 I will need, if any. Some day down the road I may be justified in getting a 2nd medium organizer for 4x6s. One never knows! I also have one of those same Dollar Tree bins filled with the 3x4 packs of PL cardstock.

I think that’s about it. Let me know if you have questions. Happy PLing, all!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa's Cookie Plate and Milk Mug

When I had my 3-year old twin cousins over last week, I sat them one at a time in my lap and held the Sharpie markers with them to create this cookie plate and milk mug for Santa. No, the design wasn't quite theirs, but they did have fun coloring with me I think. I actually bought Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer coloring books so that when the one wasn't coloring with me, they could color on their own, and just the way they wanted- LOL!

I went over the writing and made it more bold after the boys colored with me. When I was done, I put the plate and mug in the oven and baked them 30 minutes at 350 degrees as many Pinterest DIY pins say to do. This makes the Sharpie writing permanent.

They turned out great! Below shows Eliot in the process. Thanks for looking! Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!