Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas 2014 Scrapbook

Yay! It's done! Christmas 2014 is in the books! Well, one 6x8 Simple Stories Sn@p binder, anyway! I used Simple Stories Cozy Christmas line for the whole thing.

Here it is:

Here is my album cover. I used a Sn@p page 
cut down and adhered it to the cover and then decorated 
it with enamel dots. I used my Cameo to cut 
the 2014 letters with a font called Blackjack. 

Spine Label -Fonts used throughout this album 
were Desyrel (Christmas) and Antipasto (2014).

I used a 4x6 card for the inside cover and  
on the 1st divider page. The centers of the snowflakes 
were decorated with enamel dots.The divider is 
labeled "November Preparing."

This year's Christmas card is tied to the ring. 

The old fashioned post card is a Sn@p page. 
I added a photo of me mailing our Christmas cards 
and a stamp to the postcard. 

Closeup of the Sn@p page

I added some "outtake"photos to the back of the Sn@p page. 

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party 

My new great nephew, Grayson's 1st Christmas! 
I did a mini photo shoot of him. 

So cute! 

Black Friday shopping! 

We got a discount card to use at one of the stores, 
so I put that in a 3x4 pocket that you can see from both sides.

Decorating our house

The finished tree! I added text (this one on the 
Rhonna apps) and ordered several 6x8.5 photos from 
Persnickety Prints. This is new for me and I am loving it! 

On the right is the 2nd divider - "December Preparing."
The 4x6 card on the divider is, you guessed it, 
decorated with enamel dots. I'm quite fond of those.

I really like having the December calendar right 
in the album. Will definitely want to continue that in 
future albums.This one was another Sn@p page that 
I cut and adhered to the back of the 2nd divider.

On the right is one of those 6x8.5 photos again. 
For this one, I added the lyrics from Ariana Grande's 
holiday song that she sung at the concert.

On the left, I added the 5SOS drummer's tweet 
that he sent out after their set to the bottom right 
of the 6x8.5. And doesn't that "Jingle all the way" 
card work perfectly for a Jingle Bash? I thought so!

Love the bokeh designs in this line! So soft and pretty! 
These photos are from when our little twin cousins 
came for a visit. This is when the chipboard 
stickers started to make their appearance.

Such cuties!

This year their parents asked for a photo session, too. 
We also baked with the boys and made ornaments. 

The large photo on the right is of the various cookies 
we made with our tree in the background. So fun!

We went holiday light viewing as part 
of our Ugly Sweater Party!

More of the Ugly Sweater Party - 
Starbucks & a white elephant game!

The girls toasted with Welch's sparkling grape 
juice at the end of the party. 
On the right starts our visit to Macy's in Chicago. 

Another great 6x8.5 photo on the left! 
The Great Tree was so beautiful this year with the changing 
colored lights on it and projected images on the ceiling.

More of Macy's - Frango Mint Ice Cream Pie, 
writing letters to Santa and shopping!

The 3rd divider is "Christmas 2014" which starts 
with Christmas Eve. Of course enamel dots 
were used to decorate the 4x6 card.

Another 4x6 card on the left, and our 
Christmas Eve Church Service on the right.

Christmas Eve with cousins

More Christmas Eve fun

Finally, Christmas Day! I used a Sn@p page for it.

Christmas morning - I cut some of the 
12x12 paper I had for the 2x8 strip.


On the left is a collage of the ornaments 
we added to the tree this year. 

Holidays lights at the zoo in the middle of the Big City! 

Gingerbread house making and holiday basketball! 

And to end the album, New Years Eve! 

At the back I added a full page protector 
to put some special cards received. My daughter 
gave me the "filthy animal" card. She's so funny. 

So happy with how it turned out and that it is done! Thanks for looking! :)