Thursday, May 1, 2014

Batman and Superman Birthday Party!

It was that time again! Aiden and Eliot turned 4 and it was time to party superhero style! Aiden loves Batman! Eliot does, too, but he also likes Superman so those were the superheroes that we focused on. I created a Superhero party Pinterest board and got ideas from that.

The superhero 4 year old portraits:

I got this idea with printables here:

I also brought the backdrop to the party. This way the party guests could get in on the superhero pictures, too!

The banners:

The treats:

Superman Oreo balls! 

Batman cookie dough balls!  

Chocolate covered pretzels! 

And Tootsie Roll Pops dressed as Superheroes!

The kids enjoyed the lollipops!

And so did the bigger kids-lol! This was my cousin's "mini me" villain-lol!

I did NOT make this amazing cake (Michelle at Edible Creations did!!)  
but I decorated the solid foil party hats, and this photo showed them well.

Here are the adorable birthday boy superheroes with the hats on!

Here are the games:

The first game was Superhero buckets! It's just like bozo buckets, but with superheroes taped onto the dollar store buckets. We also used dollar store ping-pong like balls for the game.

The next game was the Villain game. All of the kid guests were superheroes trying to get the present-stealing Villian! Their weapon? Silly string!!! Warning: You need a pretty cool family member or friend to be willing to be the villain like we had!

So that's about it. This was a fun birthday party theme to make things for. Happy crafting!

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