Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween Scrapbook Update

Just wanted to post an update to my Simple Stories Sn@p Halloween scrapbook. The night after Halloween, I added 3 pages to the album to include 2014. But somehow I also remembered two other events that I missed from earlier Halloweens, so I added them this past week, too! It's great to be able to just add in pages and move cards around if needed when using pocket scrapbooks!

The above page on the left was the previous end to the "Outings" 
section of my album. I have now added the haunted corn 
maze we went to while we were on our Fall camping trip 
weekend in early October of this year. That is on the right.

And then the 2nd page of the haunted corn maze ends the Outings 
section. The bottom photos I got off of the corn maze's website!

 The right side of the layout above is pumpkin carving this year. 
I love how these pages mirror each other and shows 
the comparison of this year's pumpkin carvings to last year's.

I also want to mention that I used these Simple Stories photo crops 
A LOT in this project. When I was first deciding on a pocket page 
for the 2014 pumpkin carving addition, I used the crops to 
determine if I wanted to crop photos down. In this case I was 
contemplating a 4x4 page. I didn't end up going with it, but the 
guides really helped me to see how much I would be cropping off.  

Above left is now the last page of the Pumpkin Carvings section. 

I didn't see my 2-week old  great nephew on Halloween,
but I wanted to remember that this year was his first.
And how awesome was it that my niece texted me a photo of him,
so he now stars on a page all his own in the Oct 31 section!

On the right side are me and my girls on Halloween. 
My older daughter (top right) went to a party but posted 
that spooky stitched up pic to Instagram. And my younger 
daughter stuck around  for me to take a few pics.

More of the younger daughter with her friend!

Here is one of the missed events that I somehow
remembered last weekend. Trick-or-treating at the
campground is documented in our 2013 Michigan Sn@p
album, but I put it in this Halloween album under the
Outings section because it just plain fits. I tried to add a few 
different photos, though, then what was in the other album.

Another event I wanted to add before I called this 
Halloween scrapbook done was our visit with our little 
cousins. Last year I got my Silhouette Cameo and really got into 
making shirts. I saw the "Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet" 
t-shirt idea on Pinterest so I really wanted to make them 
with the boys. I also decorated their light up treat buckets.

This page is in my Parties section because it all mostly
took place at my house. I thought making a craft (the shirts),
baking cookies, receiving treats, and "Monster Mash"
dancing are all party-like things to do.

These added cousin pages cover both 2013 and 2014. 
I only had 2 photos from this year, so I just snuck them 
onto these pages. They're not my favorite layouts, but this stuff 
is now documented- YES. I'm one of those that can't remember 
what I give or make from one year to the next so I can just 
look through this scrapbook to remember what I did.

Here's a view of my dividers. I like that I did this and think it will
be helpful when referring back to this book. What was my oldest
dressed as in 2012? I can just flip to the back divider - Oct 31!

 And since I now know I was able to fit 2014 
into the album, I remade the spine label. 

Ok, NOW I can call this album DONE and feel accomplished! Thanks for hanging in during another long post. Happy crafting all!

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