Monday, January 24, 2011

I Survived the Ice Skating Birthday Party!!!

I SURVIVED!! I survived the 80s-themed ice skating party with 14, YES 14, pre-teen girls!!!!! The party turned out great thankfully, but I'm pretty happy it is behind us. Not that those adorable pre-teens were that much work, but I've been extremely busy at my job so being able to check something off my list is a very good thing lately.

I didn't go as crazy as I originally wanted to with crafty things for the party, but I'm glad I didn't. The party room we had at the rink was already decorated like to the max! I did make favor bags and a great CD filled with all 80s girl band songs, though. We even had the rink play those tunes during the cosmic skate!

I really wanted to utilize a fun holder from one of my Cricut cartridges, but the items that needed to go into the favor were rather big and heavy: the legwarmers, the beads, the pretend microphone, the BRB Banana anti-bac (my daughter had to tell me what the BRB stood for- that was a "duh!" moment), and the container of 15 glow bracelets. So I thought saving time & money and having something durable like a standard white gift bag would be best.

I decorated the bags with each girl's name done in the Neon 80s font and Winter Woodland ice skates to match the invitation (see invitation HERE). I also tied on cute new ribbons from Michael's Fit To Be Tied Collection. Like totally awesome! Fer Sure!!

This is what the cosmic skate looked like. Pretty fun, huh? Another successful kid birthday party conquered-YES! Have a good week everyone!!

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