Friday, January 7, 2011

Like totally tubular!!

Phew! I survived the holidays!! How did you all do?

This is where I welcomed the New Year:

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL? We arrived to Colorado with no snow on the ground, but woke up towards the end of our week to this beautiful scene! It almost looks like a painting, but I swear this is the actual view from the deck of the house we stayed at near Pike's Peak. I so want to move there!!

But again, back to reality. In addition to getting back into the usual routine this week, my oldest daughter's birthday was on Tuesday. So goodbye holidays, hello birthday season! Yes, I have many birthdays to celebrate in my family this month starting with this one.

My daughter has been slow to choose what she wants to do with her friends to celebrate her birthday despite me asking for a couple of months. While in Colorado last week, we went ice skating. This is an activity that my girls took lessons for when they were little, but just haven't kept up. So when we were going with family to the rink, my girls were a bit nervous. It turned out, though, that it was like riding a bicycle for them - they got right back into it and LOVED it! This prompted my oldest to want an ice skating birthday party. Soooo, let the planning begin!!

As an added bonus, the rink has a special 80s night on the day we chose for the party. Isn't that totally TUBULAR?? Bring on Cyndi Lauper, The Go-Gos, Joan Jett, etc.!

Here is the invitation:

The ice skate die cuts (with Stickles bling) are from the Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge and the font is Neon 80s downloaded from I ordered light blue, hot pink, and black striped legwarmers (like for sure!!) from a party store for all of the invited guests, so that's where I got the color scheme for the invitation.

If any of you FABULOUSLY talented bloggers have any ideas for this party, please leave a comment or email me! I would welcome them all! I need to think in terms of cupcake decorations, banners, favors (already planning to make a 80s CD as part of the favor), a short activity in the party room, etc. Thank you in advance!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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