Sunday, April 24, 2011

Decorating Easter Cookies!

I hope you all had a very nice Easter! Mine was pretty good, but I do admit I was pretty tired all day. Thanks to TX Scrapper Mom's lovely Easter Cookies post from Friday, I had this bug to make Easter cookies of our own with my daughters last night. My youngest helped with the baking of the Pillsbury® Funfetti cookies and then left us for the TV. My oldest stuck with me, though, as she is into baking. By the time we got the hang of decorating with the royal icing, the night was over! And with having to still put together the girls' baskets and eggs for their egg hunt, I ended up going to bed waaaay too late. But we had a lot of fun with these cookies, so I don't regret that time we spent together. Did I mention that the cookies taste really good, too? Yep, that added to their worth!! I placed half of them into Easter goodie bags and gave them to family today at our Easter luncheon.

I hope to get to some crafting this week, so hopefully I will get more posts in soon.

Have a productive and crafty week!

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