Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Game ON! Game Birthday Gifts in a Tote!

Ok, so I got back on my blog before August ended . . . barely.  It's been busy, though getting back into the swing of school with my girls - ugh!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post I had some birthday cards to make this month. I was given the idea of board games as gifts for my godkids, so I used the games as inspiration for the cards. Here they are:

This was one of my favorite games growing up!
I hope they enjoy it, too!
My hippo was from the Cricut Lite Zoo Day cartridge!
The 7 is from the Mickey Font cartridge - stickled of course!
I used my PC to personalize the inside.

And who could forget Hi Ho Cherry-O!
My teen-aged girls wanted me to open this game
so that they could play it before we shipped it off - LOL!

The tree with stickled cherries is from the Cricut Stretch Your
Imagination cartridge, and the 3 from the Mickey Font cartridge.

Again, the inside was personalized on the PC.
I was irritated with myself that I didn't use more creative
wording to tie in the games. I had in my head a while
before I made the cards that I would say "1-2-3 cherries
for 3 years old!" or something like that. Oh well.

And Candy Land!  Such a classic game!

I used The Mickey & Friends Cricut cartridge
for the lollipop (all cards were welded on my Gypsy). 
The popsicle stick was real and was tied with
Trendy Twine strawberry cupcake baker's twine.

I was a little better with this wording!

My BFF and the mom to these birthday recipients
had just posted on Facebook about how she would like
a Magic 8 Ball to tell when certain stages will end in
her children. I thought it would be fun to surprise her
with one given my game theme I had going on! I'm sure
the kids will enjoy it after the novelty wears off. :)

I used an 8 ball graphic I pulled off the internet to
make this card on my PC. No Cricut cartridge!

The inside!

And of course I had to package it all in a fun way,
so I got out my vinyl and personalized a storage tote from
Walmart! The handles have green on them, so I chose
the lime green vinyl to match. In retrospect, the green
is not the easiest to see when the tote is filled, but oh well.

I used my Cricut Lite Cherry Limeade cartridge for the letters.

Each godchild received two games
plus the Magic 8 Ball for my BFF.

I did wrap each gift before I packaged it up and mailed the tote across the country. The shipping was probably the most expensive part of this gift, but it was worth it. I don't get to see these kids too often, so I like to be the fun godmom that sends them fun, personalized cards and gifts. And my BFF spoils me on a regular basis with her friendship and her thoughtful gifts, so it was a pleasure to send this out. Sorry I didn't post my usual supply list. I tried to put some details within the post, but leave a comment or email me if you would like any more info.

Have a good remaining week all!

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Threadbear said...

Love all your cards that match the games -- very creative!! And love the tote you personalized -- what a fun!!

Hassan Ashraf said...

I loved all your ornaments...especially the polka dots! I haven't had an opportunity to work on Christmas projects yet and I
can hardly wait after seeing all your goodies! Thanks for sharing!
christmas gifts

bonnie said...

Such fun projects sweetie x

bonnie said...

Such fabulous cards Jen...awesome! ;) Hugs x

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