Monday, August 22, 2011

Lighthouse Beach Pail Farewell Gift

This little project was made a while back, but I forgot to post it. Thought I should do it before the Summer fades away . . . sniff, sniff! My younger daughter had a classmate move away this summer, so a farewell party was held in the girls' honor. She's moving to Southwestern Michigan where lots of pretty beaches and lighthouses can be found! We should know - we vacationed there this Summer!

Here was our farewell gift:

 Sand pail in school colors, shovel, sunscreen,
glow bracelets, frisbee & a beach towel from Target that said
"This space saved for someone AWESOME"
(or something to that effect - can't remember exactly)

  • Cricut Life Is A Beach cartridge for lighthouse card
  • Red and white cardstock
  • Blue, red and yellow Stickles
  • CK Tipsy Font
My girls start school tomorrow. I'm so sad! That means I actually have an earlier bedtime now . . .  one less hour of crafting or surfing my favorite crafty blogs. Say it isn't so!

Have a good week all!

4 happy comments:

laurie said...

She will love this, but it is sad she has to move away.

I can't believe its time for school to start already either!Bummer you have less time to play.
Me too..I am a para in the autism program..we start after Labor day.

Sherrie K. said...

Awesome pail of goodies! What a sweet and thoughtful gift!
I love the awesome little lighthouse card! TFS!
Sherrie K

Tracey said...

What a wonderful idea for a gift...a really cute card too!

Stephanie @ A Steph-Made Life said...

(Wow, I guess I'm really behind on blog reading!)

What a great gift! I've been hearing a lot lately about the beautiful beaches in Michigan. I guess I should go visit sometime!

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