Sunday, August 14, 2011

Personalized Tubs of LEGOS

So sorry for the delay in posting. Yikes I've been busy! And when I've managed to have a free moment, I've been so tired that all I've done is view my fellow crafters' blogs. My best friend was in town with her family, we babysat my baby cousins last weekend, and don't EVEN get me started on my job - BLAH!! Let's just say I'm SO HAPPY it's the weekend!!!!

Since I knew my BFF was going to be in town with her kids, I gave her twins their birthday gifts a little early. I rarely can give them in person with them living in North Carolina, so I planned a fun time for the kids by going to Legoland and giving them their gifts at the end of our time there. It was their own special birthday party! :)

Here are the gifts I gave them:

  • Cricut white vinyl
  • Cricut Birthday Bash cartridge welded on Gypsy for Alex
  • Cricut Alphalicious cartridge welded on Gypsy for Cassidy
  • Cricut Disney's Hannah Montana for stars on Alex's Lego tub (Shh! Don't tell him they were from Hannah Montana!)
  • Cricut "mystery" cartridge for circles on Cassidy's tub (I honestly don't remember what cartridge I used. I did a search on my Gypsy for a circle and pretty much picked the first one I saw where the cartridge was linked. Sorry!)
What a short supply list for a change! And this gift was quite the hit with both of the kids, my BFF, and other patrons in Legoland. I had a few people stop and ask if the store in Legoland did the personalizing - SO COOL! I love when people think that something is professional when it was something I crafted. Even my BFF thought I "had them done" somewhere! :)

I haven't done too many projects with vinyl, but WOW is it easy!!! And thank you to Nicole of Creative Delights By Nicole for emailing me suggestions for the tubs. She is the "Vinyl Goddess" I'm pretty sure!! If you haven't visited her blog, you should pop over. She does some amazing work!

Well, that's all for now folks. I will try not to be too much of a stranger, but I do have a full plate the next couple of weeks (insert heavy sigh here). Blessings on your coming week!

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bonnie said...

So what yoiu did with these...fabulous hugs x

Tracey said...

Love how you decorated your Lego gifts with vinyl. I have a few rolls but have not had a go yet, so thanks for the link, I'm off to check it out! Enjoy your weekend!

laurie said...

Those did turn out cute! I can't imagine any kid not liking those..what a great gift!

Nicole said...

Jen!!! Your containers turned out GREAT!!! I LOVE them. I'm sure they were a hit with the kids. Are you addicted to vinyl yet?? LOL


teachdanz said...

I am always inspired by your projects!! I have an award for you on my blog -

Crafty Starkie said...

Your blog is adorable! I love all your projects and I am now your newest follower! Congrats on the blog award yet.

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