Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blue's Clues Birthday Party - More Decorations!

More crafty projects for the big Blue's Clues Party: 

I made cards for the boys using an online Blue's Clues
printable envelope, and I used vinyl to make
"Pail and Shovel" to hold my gifts to the boys!

Names cut with vinyl using the Zoo Day cartridge!

The kid party favors - jumbo crayons from the dollar store
and 3 Blue's Clues coloring sheets with a thank you tag!

These were the prizes for the "Pin the Clue on Blue"
game and the bean bag toss game
(Got the handmade corn toss game on Etsy!)

Here are the assembled gifts from me: Blue's Clues 
Beanie Babies, bubble wands, personalized birthday shirts
(also from Etsy), Blue's Clues flash cards purchased from
eBay, and used Blue's Clues Look-n-Find and Read Together
books from Amazon's Marketplace. Buying used was being
"green" and was very inexpensive which 
justified me getting more for the boys. :)

These were the sippy cups I made for the under 2 kids.
And while I was at it, I personalized some older
cups for the birthday boys, and then a
BIG sippy cup for their mommy - LOL!

And finally, I bought party hats from the dollar store
and personalized them for the birthday boys!
That's about it for this post. Next up is the treats post!
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Just some girl said...

Love this! But where on earth do they still sell blue's clues party hats?? :)

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