Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blue's Clues Birthday Party - The Treats!

To wrap up the Blue's Clues party, here are the treats that I made with help!

First off, I purchased # 3 molds and lollipop sticks from Etsy.
I LOVE Etsy! I got a lot of stuff for the party from there!
And then as you can see, I made the #3 chocolate lollipops!
My oldest daughter helped with making these.

Before I got in the "rhythm" of making the chocolate lollipops
in bulk, I melted chocolate while the molds were still freezing
a previous lollipop batch. I panicked, so I got out some
pretzel rods to use up the melted chocolate! Turned out to
be a good panic. The party guests dug the dipped pretzels!

For the next edible craft, I dug out my BRAND NEW Cricut
Cake machine and made paw prints out of gum paste.
Previously my oldest daughter had the Cricut Cake Mini,
but at some point I was able to snag the large model
for $50 brand new. I did some research thanks to Pinterest and
got a lot of great tips on using the Cricut Cake for this project
and it worked very well. No problems!

My daughter and her friend attached the little paw prints to our
white-chocolate covered Oreos! I used circles from one of my
Cricut cartridges (Art Philosophy, I think?) because the actual
Blue's Clues paw prints from the show are more circular. The
circles were all laid out on my Gypsy, which worked out great.

Here are the Blue's Clues White Chocolate covered Oreos!
They're a little imperfect, but still looked good & tasted yummy!

The night before the birthday party, I had the
guests of honor overnight so I put them to work, too!
They made Blue's Clues sugar cookies!

Ok, so they ate the cookies that they decorated
which left me with decorating the rest, but it was
so much fun making the cookies with the boys!

Our finished Blue's Clues Cookies!

And the packaged #3 lollipops complete
with a "thank you for coming" tag!

I can't take credit for the cakes, but thought I'd show
them in this post. My cousin made them using a
Blue's Clues pan. They turned out AWESOME!

And here is the table at the party with the packaged
goodies on it!I got the blue pail & bucket at the dollar store
and personalized them with vinyl. I used Zoo Day for
the boys' names and "is," and then Birthday Bash for the
# 3. I wanted the 3 to be a bit more perfect so it was more
easily identified by the birthday boys. I figured that their
mom can use these buckets to hold small toys or
miscellaneous stuff in their rooms after the party.
So that's it for crafting and this party. I had so much fun with this theme! I wasn't crazy about the theme when I first heard about it, though. I thought for sure it would be Thomas the Train since the boys love that! And since Blue's Clues the show was canceled back in 2006, it was harder to get things. But, once I started doing some research (thank you Pinterest and Etsy!!), I got REALLY into Blue's Clues. I tend to do that, though, with the parties I craft for. My room seems so bare now without all of the blue -LOL!
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