Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Dreaming of A Vinyl Christmas!

Here are more of my Christmas projects I've done over the last couple of weeks. All of them involved vinyl in some way. Ya think I'm a little addicted???

This charger was for my friend. I totally CASE'd it
from a Cricut MB member named 5 Lil Monkeys'-
Apparently she CASE'd it and added her own twist,
but she doesn't recall where she found it originally. 
No twist for me! I loved this design just as it is. And my
Gypsy and transfer tape made this a pretty easy project!

This was my first attempt at glass etching- a letter E using
the Gypsy Font digital cartridge that was preloaded on my Gypsy.
I haven't etched anything else to date, but I'm
guessing that a thicker glass will produce a better etching.
The ornament glass is super thin.

I wasn't especially fond of the Hallmark Godchild
ornament this year, so I thought I would go another route
for the 3 godkids that came into town this past Summer
and went to Legoland with me and my family.

I purchased a set of 3 Lego Santa ornaments off of eBay.
I had my daughter assemble this Lego for the inside of the
ornament because this recipient is too young for Legos.
Also this ornament would act as a sample for the older 2 kids
to see what their ornament should look like
after they put their Lego together.

I personalized this ornament in red vinyl
with the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.

Here is a view of the Santa Lego assembled.

Here are the 3 ornaments together ready to be put back
in the box- the fully assembled one for Avery and the other
2 for the kids that are old enough to put the Legos together.

I also added tags with a group photo from our
Summer Legoland adventure.

Bath & Body Works had cute mailboxes
with travel-sized holiday bath products in them.
I thought this was perfect for one of our young cousins.
And of course I had to personalize it!
I used the Cricut Alphalicious cartridge for her name.
Maybe she can use the mailbox to hold her valentines.

I also vinyled one of these mailboxes for my older daughter
as she admired it in the store earlier in the season.
The younger daughter got a Bath & Body works gift set
that had the bath products in a mini bath tub- so cute!
I vinyled her name on that, too, but didn't grab
a photo before she took apart the gift set. Oops!

I found these mini ornaments in the dollar section at Michael's.
My nephew plays both of these sports quite intently
so I thought this set was perfect for him.
And, yet again, I had to personalize with my
new favorite crafty medium - VINYL!
I used Plantin Schoolbook for the font cartridge.

Here is a little metal pail that I doctored with vinyl
for my adult niece. I added some Bath & Body Works
mini products-  just a little gift to let her know she is thought of.
The buckle was cut using the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge
and the black "belt" was cut using a trimmer.I must say
that putting vinyl on something round like this was a bit tricky!

Ok, that's it for my Christmas projects. I really wanted to personalize all of my gift tags, but ran out of time. I felt really bad about it, but I think my family had a pretty good Christmas even without my personalized tags (sniff, sniff).

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a very Happy New Year celebration all!!

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liz at liz's paper loft said...

love how you personalized everything!

SandeeNC said...

wow, am wondering if there is a 12 step program for vinyl addiction! Just kidding, your projects all turned out great, one day I will have to try vinyl too...and will probably be addicted too! Happy New Year from North carolina...oh btw I 'm here from Robin's link up party!

Amy said...

Really great vinyl projects!!! They all look amazing! TFS :)Amy

Monica said...

Wow! You've been busy! Looks good. :) Happy New Years to you!

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Wonderful projects. Bought one of the charger plates from Michaels on sale for 99 cents. Wanted to know the details as to how you made yours with the vinyl.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Sherrie K. said...

Awesome vinyl projects!! You have been busy! WOW-they all turned out amazing! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year my friend!!!
Sherrie K

Amanda said...

Wow, all your Christmas projects are super cute!! I really wanted to stop by and visit your blog after the sweet comment you left on mine.. You had mentioned needing a push in your scrapbooking and I wanted to let you know that I host a bi- weekly scrapbook challenge on my blog .. My next challenge will take place on January 8th.. Thanks for stoping by my blog and I am your newest follower as well..

Scrappy hugs,
Amanda :0)

kimmiluxich said...

Totally love all of your Christmas projects! You had some really unique gifts ideas. I am now a follower!

Barb said...

I just came over from Robin's link-up party. I haven't been brave enough to try vinyl yet, but I've been seeing so many neat projects lately, I just might have to give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration! Those Lego ornaments are a neat idea!

bborre at hotmail dot com

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