Friday, July 29, 2011

My Kids' Cute Craft Camp Creations!

WARNING: Pic heavy post!!!

As promised (FINALLY), here are pics of the adorable projects my girls made last week at their craft camp at our new church:

Older daughter's projects

Younger daughter's projects

Day 1 - Message board
This one is my fave.
I want them to make me one! :)

Day 2 - Mobile
So cute! Sad but my girls' clothes
don't fit on these little hangers anymore. :(

Day 3 - Decorated Photo Box
Already filled with their pre-teen treasures! :)

Day 4 - Mini Scrapbook made from
Caribou Coffee cup wrapper
Clever, huh? Being green AND being crafty - what a combo! :)

Day 5 - Dream Banner
So sweet! It should definitely promote
good dreams while hung in a bedroom!

Aren't these creations great? My younger daughter would send me a photo of the craft they made each day while I was at work, so that told me they were pretty excited about their projects. I know I was! I wish I was in that camp instead of doing boring office work at my job!!

Well, I'm off to make a crafty project myself since I'm on weekend time now - YES! I was given a couple of GENEROUS gift cards at work this week, so I'm going to crank out another thank you card. See you soon! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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Amy said...

Great projects! I love owls, so that really jumped out at me! :)

laurie said...

It looks like they sure had fun..what awesome projects!

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